Tulumbas are a sweet dessert, a small roll with a specific form. They are made with a special mould with a cross-cut giving the tulumba a „star“ form. This dessert comes originally from Anatolia and in the Balkans is a widely-loved and frequent delicacy! This oriental specialty goes quite well with coffee – not just any coffee – but real „Turkish“ coffee. Tulumbas are first fried in oil then dipped in syrup – very sweet!

TulumbyWhat you need:

For the dough:

500 ml water
150 g sugar
pinch of salt
250 ml oil
2 teaspoons lemon zest
500 g fine wheat flour
5 eggs

For the syrup:
750 ml water
1 kg sugar
2 packets vanilla sugar

For frying:

500 ml oil


First prepare the syrup. Boil the sugar in water and then allow to cool.

Then prepare the dough. Boil the sugar, water, salt, oil and lemon zest. Add the flour while continually stirring then allow to cool.

Add one egg after another until the proper dough soft consistency is reached with which you can form the Tulumbas.

Using a sack or form create the tulumbas which will be in a roll form with a corrugated surface (see picture). The best is probably a confectioners bag with a corrugated end.

Place the Tulumbas in a pan with hot oil. Allow to cook until they have reached a golden color. When removing from the oil, place on paper or a napkin to absorb excess oil. Leave them for just a moment and then place them in the prepared syrup. Leave in the syrup until the next Tulumba has cooked. Then remove from the syrup and place on a tray next to each other. Continue until all Tulumbas are finished.

When all have finished, pour the remaining syrup over them and allow to cool.

Serve cold. (From the fridge!)


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